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Deep Impact Wins Best Corporate Leadership Development (Bronze)

HRM Asia Award Best Corporate Leadership Development Singapore Deep Impact

8 November 2022 – We are thrilled to announce that Deep Impact has won Bronze under the Best Corporate – Leadership Development Category. HRM Asia’s awards are presented each year to recognise the best and brightest Human Resource industry partners and solutions provider, who acts as partners to organisations. Together with a panel of judges […]

5 reasons why training fails and what you can do to make it work

Why Training does not deliver Business Results

I am going to share five reasons why training does not deliver business results and what you can do about it. Most people agree that training is important, but somehow it does not always lead to increased performance and better business results.   Why do we measure training effectiveness?​ Companies across the globe invest heavily […]

When teambuilding can actually do more harm than good

You might be surprised; team building can sometimes do more harm than good.   After running team building programs for ten years, here is our quick rundown on the three situations when you should not use teambuilding. 1.    Use it to solve deep-rooted issues. I personally believe that team building provides a platform for discussion […]

3 Training Myths That Trainers Believe In

I just recently delivered a high energy session on how you can deliver high impact training to your audience. SIA has brought all their trainers all around the world to equip them with the skills to be better trainers and facilitators and I’m grateful to be one of the two external speakers to conduct this session. […]

Winners to SCCCI Leadership Workshop

SCCCI Leadership Workshop Kenneth Kwan

Here are the winners to the SCCCI Leadership Workshop that I will be delivering at the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “Creating High Performance Teams Without Putting In More Time“. As I received huge response from my readers and subscribers since my last blogpost, I have managed to secure 9 complimentary tickets (previously […]

5 Strategies To Retain Learning Even After Many Years

Recently, I went to visit an old client, Energizer, to find out how things are with them. After speaking to the plant manager, he brought me down a staircase and I saw something hung up on the wall that made me really excited! It was two of the flipcharts that I wrote for them three […]

The One Decision That Changed My Life

Change - take action

When I first started in my training business, did you know that I actually worked for other training organisations for just $30/hr? This was rather pathetic, because I only worked for 2 hours day, and most of the time, just 2 days a week. This meant that I only earned approximately $480/month. This was extremely […]