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7 business lessons we can learn from the Squid Game

Squid Game

In one of the most popular shows in Netflix’s history, Squid Game has captured the imaginations of many people because of its portrayal of human greed, debt, and hopelessness. The players in the Squid Games have to navigate through a series of childhood games. They have to adapt and strategise how to win within the […]

Why are some traditional appraisal systems flawed?

Most companies have some kind of yearly performance appraisal. Often, the staff’s direct supervisor will evaluate the performance of their staff over the entire year. Based on my conversations with many leaders, there are many who say that performance appraisals are quite difficult to manage. In fact, some leaders are also terrified in holding them […]

3 Ways to increase business agility in your organisation


In my discussions with senior leaders, “business agility” is a highly coveted trait in an organisation. During the pandemic, many leaders have mentioned to me that whatever plans they have made can just be changed in the following week.  There is a lot of abortive work experienced when plans keep changing every week. The challenge […]

What business are companies like GRAB and GOJEK in?

What business are companies like GRAB and GOJEK in?

I was walking to the mall from my hotel and I saw the roads congested with vehicles in Jakarta. What was even more interesting to me was that most of them wore Grab and Gojek jackets. If you thought that they are just a food and transport company, you are entirely wrong.

How Not to do change management

I received quite a few calls over the past year to talk about managing change. The enquirer typically wants me to ‘motivate’ their staff to accept the structural changes that were in place because of the fast moving business landscape. They want their people to accept all the changes, increase their morale overnight and create […]