Leaders As Coach

Essential coaching skills to help others obtain feedback, achieve clarity and find solutions on their own.

Leaders are expected to play many roles in the workplace — a leader and a coach at the same time. They must move from leading themselves to leading others and help their team members succeed at work.

Today, organisations recognise that their leaders’ ability to coach others is proportional to their organisational success.

How do you overcome roadblocks and help others find solutions on their own? How do you assist colleagues to respond quickly to the ever-changing demands of clients? How do you help them win at work?

This program equips leaders with the essential coaching skills to develop team members and empower them to make effective decisions. It utilises the solution-focused approach that design solutions that can be reached rapidly instead of being problem-focused.

The coaching approach has been known to increase decision making, team performance, ownership, employee engagement and staff retention.

100 +
People Impacted
Clients Served
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Countries Influenced

You will learn how to:

  • Differentiate when to hold mentoring, coaching or facilitative conversations
  • Be an effective coach and understand its philosophy.
  • Build rapport with a coaching client and develop a coaching presence.
  • Enable conversations that create fast forward momentum and action steps.
  • Conduct meaningful and transformational coaching conversations


This is a highly practical program that allows participants to hold useful coaching conversations. You will be able to develop the core competencies needed to be an effective coach and work on real business issues.

Program delivery


4 Half-Days or 2 Days

For Whom

Managers and Senior Leaders


In-person Training or
Virtual Training