Small Steps To Big Changes for Individual Contributors

Overcome problem talk and develop solution focused conversations that create results.

Most conversations are usually centred around problems and what is holding you back.

They tell you what is not working.

As an individual contributor, how do you shift conversations to create solution talk, rather than problem talk? How do you identify success levers, rather than what creates failures? How do you create incremental and sustainable change, even if you are not the leader?

By focusing on positive goal orientation and what is already working well, this approach leverages on the positive drivers that initiate change. Small Steps To Big Changes® has transformed many people to be more engaged at work and take quick action steps to create more success for themselves. It develops possibility thinking and helps others move quickly towards it.

People Impacted
100 +
Clients Served
Countries Influenced
1 +

You will learn how to:

  • Identify how to create more solutions-oriented discussions.
  • Facilitate useful change even though you are not the leader.
  • Generate personal optimism and find ways to deliver more value to the organisation.
  • Overcome inertia and develop quick action steps forward.
  • Hold self-directed conversations to create better outcomes.

Program delivery


2 Half-Days or 1 Day

For Whom

Individual Contributors


In-person Training or
Virtual Training