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What do you say to people who reply you with “Don’t know”

I don't know

Have you ever gotten frustrated because the first answer to any question you ask others is, “Don’t know”. What can you say to help others to answer your question? How do you get others to reply you without giving you a blank look? How do you handle such passive aggressive response? Handling “I don’t know” […]

Do you have monkey problems?

Hi everyone, say Hi to Mike! “ Mike looks cute, but nobody likes him. Mike represents the problems our staff or colleagues face everyday at work. Everyone has their own monkey, and they share their monkey (problems) with you everyday. However, the problems come when people leave their monkey with you, and expect you to […]

5 Strategies To Retain Learning Even After Many Years

Recently, I went to visit an old client, Energizer, to find out how things are with them. After speaking to the plant manager, he brought me down a staircase and I saw something hung up on the wall that made me really excited! It was two of the flipcharts that I wrote for them three […]

Are you holding on to the monkey?


I had this interesting conversation with a General Manager (whose name I cannot reveal) of the largest Seminar company in the world. We were just talking about staff issues and how sometimes the managers of a company like to take on the responsibilities of their staff and try to solve all their problems. They sometimes feel responsible if their staff can’t deal with their own problems and try very hard to reassure their colleagues that “we’ll pull through this together, I just need to think of a way out”.

I call this syndrome: Holding on to the monkey.