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When teambuilding can actually do more harm than good

You might be surprised; team building can sometimes do more harm than good.   After running team building programs for ten years, here is our quick rundown on the three situations when you should not use teambuilding. 1.    Use it to solve deep-rooted issues. I personally believe that team building provides a platform for discussion […]

Before you start working hard, read this!

It seems that everyone is jumping into the New Year and some have already started working hard towards their goals. However, it is my strong belief that if you rush into the new year without first evaluating the previous year, we might actually be committing the same mistakes without even learning from them. I realized […]

Four Leadership Lessons from World Cup 2014

UPDATE: The article you’re going to read right now has been featured on Singapore’s Straits Times RECRUIT section, on 24th July 2014. If you would to read a copy of the Straits Times version, you can click on the news article image below or download it here.   (Copyrights belong to The Straits Times) Although the […]

How An Old 1930s Factory Taught Researchers How To Increase Employee Productivity

Hawthorne Workers

In 1924-1932, a series of experiments were conducted to examine how fatigue, monotony and supervision on an assembly line affected productivity. However at the end of the experiment, researchers were amazed to find out many other correlations that affected employee productivity and morale. Many of their insights and observations are still used by today’s management. […]

10 Ways to Inspire Team Members to Consistently Give Their Best

Let’s start with a little analogy of teamwork. Have you observed how a flock of geese fly? They usually fly in V formation and those at the back will usually honk at the one in front. This is to encourage the lead geese who puts in most of the work to overcome wind resistance. Once […]

Win People Over Rather Than Win Arguments

Image by Anders V via Flickr Winning an argument is tempting for most people working in a team. Who does not wish to be right? Who does not want to have the last say and feel victorious? But if your focus is on the team’s progress and not on personal whims, sometimes it is better […]

Article Featured in Straits Times, Recruit (Pg C40- Dated Friday, 26 Feb 2010)

I got an email from the Straits Times Editor saying that my article will be published in today’s newspaper. Building A Successful Team is something close to my heart and I hope to share this with you. To read the entire unedited article, click on How do I Create my ‘A’ team? Other Related Articles: […]

Never say No for other people

Say No for others-leadership loneliness

When it comes to working in teams, most people often hesitate to ask for help. In fact, some leaders often suffer from leadership loneliness, appearing weak or suffer from the martyr-syndrome. We gave many reasons why our staff do not want to take up additional work. Or we think that we have to come up […]