PIVOTAL Executive Presentations

Use data and evidence to deliver boardroom style presentations that are persuasive, clear and concise.

Organizations today recognize that their executives’ ability to sell an idea or influence a decision via persuasive, clear and concise presentation not only improves productivity but is also critical in driving business goals and impact. 

The same skills and knowledge acquired will also enable executives to conduct conversations and write papers or emails that are persuasive, clear, and concise to get leaders’ attention and quicker decision-making.

Unfortunately, they get many presentations that tend to be lengthy and poorly organized, characterized by an incoherent storyline, vague objectives, and populated by slides that are laden with bullet points, complicated drawings, and data dumping.

It can lead to presentations being asked to be reworked and thus losing valuable time. We close this competency gap by focusing on how to plan and design a concise presentation for effective communication. This workshop has little to do with the delivery of the presentation.


PIVOTAL Executive Presentation is a unique program that delivers what all senior executives want during a presentation – those that are persuasive, clear, and concise.

People Impacted
100 +
Clients Served
Countries Influenced
1 +

You will learn how to:

  • Design presentations targeted at senior executives for decision making.
  • Apply the PIVOT method: a structured 7-step process to drive actions. 
  • Use evidence effectively to persuade others.
  • Create a storyline that supports a business case.
  • Use the power of visuals to Illustrate content and data that is clear, concise and easy to remember.


Integrated Resort
Excited, Inspired and Challenged

"The course was the best I have been to in years - I left excited, inspired and challenged to think of new ways to plan and design my next presentation better. I think anyone who needs to present will find this course invaluable!“

CIO, Integrated Resort
Framework to repeat your persuasive presentation every time

“PIVOT provides you the framework to repeat your persuasive presentation every time. Highly recommended!”

Ex Head of Sales, Global MNC
Stat Board
The "science" behind the arts

“[Your course] gives the “science” behind the arts of creating slides to communicate effectively with our target audience. It is a skill set that is critical to drive effectiveness in getting things done.”

CIO, Statutory Board
European MNC
Application and transfer to work easy

"Very few courses that I've attended have been as directly applicable to my work as this one. The logical framework and realistic learners activities help make application and transfer to workplace easy.  Definitely recommend it.“

MD, European MNC

Program delivery


4 Half-Days or 2 Days

For Whom

Managers and Senior Leaders


In-person Training or
Virtual Training