Small Steps To Big Changes for Leaders

This is a leadership training course and senior management program that develop core competencies to lead change, amplify existing success and create forward momentum.

Change management is essential for any leader. This is because the business environment has been unpredictable and the needs of the clients are getting more demanding.

The ability to rapidly address your clients’ needs and wants has grown even more importantly.

However most conversations at work usually revolve around problems, challenges and inertia. What if this can be different?

Think about the effects it would have if your company and its employees started talking and thinking about solutions, rather than problems?

What if they chose to concentrate on opportunities and possibilities, rather than challenges and limitations?

What if co-workers continuously practised taking small steps ahead, rather than get caught up by inertia or fear?

As a leading leadership training provider in Singapore, many people have been changed by Small Steps to Big Changes® Program to become more engaged at work and take fast action to increase their own business success.

Our consultancy services capitalise on the positive forces that spark change by emphasising positive goal orientation and what is already working well. We teach leader to co-create possibilities and facilitate discussions to move them towards it.

Small Steps to Big Changes® Program bridges what leaders experience today with what leaders want from their team.

What leaders experience today​

  • Problem Talk
  • Focus on Obstacles
  • Low Morale
  • Think of work challenges
  • “Fire-fighting” mode
  • Minimal development towards goals

What leaders want

  • Solution Talk
  • Focus on Possibilities
  • High Morale
  • Think of work client's needs
  • Stategic-thinking mode
  • Consistent development towards goals
People Impacted
100 +
Clients Served
Countries Influenced
1 +

Leadership and management training course in Singapore: Small Steps to Big Changes® is a structured strengths-based and evidence-based approach that develops the core skills of your leader.

You will learn how to:

  • Lead successful change in an ever-changing business environment.
  • Create more wins for yourself and the team.
  • Overcome procrastination and get buy-in.
  • Handle challenging situations and resistance from others.
  • Rapidly co-create possibilities with team members to serve stakeholders better.
  • Create motivational, optimistic, and solution-focused conversations.
  • Utilise the DEEP Model to create solutions and ideas rapidly.
  • Build business agility in the midst of uncertain environments.
  • Hold self-directed conversations to create better outcomes.
  • Give empowerment and ownership to your team members.
  • Reduce silo-mentality and develop cross-collaboration.

Program delivery


4 months incl. 4 Half-Days OR 2 days of training

For Whom

Managers and Senior Leaders


In-person Training or
Virtual Training

As a valued leadership training provider in Singapore, we ensure that your managers and leaders walk away with the competencies needed to lead your team successfully in the sea of disruptive change.

Results Driven

We understand that leaders don’t just want another leadership training program, they want results.

We take an active interest in helping leaders apply what they have learnt in the training to their work environment over 3 months. Participants will convene after 3 months to discuss about what’s better and different.

As a result of this senior management training program, leaders have reported reducing problem talk in meetings by as much as 80%. It has also reduced meeting durations by 40%, staff attrition, cost, and lead time.

They have also increased employee engagement scores by 17% in some categories, employee ownership, business agility, cultural alignment, client satisfaction scores and cross collaboration between departments.

Through our consultancy services, we work with you to document the results and highlight effective change to your sponsors.