Never say No for other people

Say No for others-leadership loneliness

When it comes to working in teams, most people often hesitate to ask for help.

In fact, some leaders often suffer from leadership loneliness, appearing weak or suffer from the martyr-syndrome. We gave many reasons why our staff do not want to take up additional work. Or we think that we have to come up with all the answers.

Share the vision

I have learnt that to be truly be transformational for the business, I have to share the vision with my team. If I’m so bogged down by the operations, I’m unable to strategize for the business.

Role of a Leader

The role of a leader is to create a team and galvanize them towards an objective.

Most of the time, we overthink on behalf of our staff.

When we need to spearhead certain initiatives or even join our team, we give ourselves lots of reasons why someone is not willing to take it on.

We say NO for them.

Have you ever said any of these to yourself?

“I’m sure that she will be great for this role, however she has just completed a major project and I don’t think she will take up a new role right now.”

“It will be great to have him on our team, but there’s just no way he will come in. Our remunerations will never be close to what he’s getting.”

I understand that those above are real concerns, but if we do not ask, we will have totally closed the door for that person to work with us.

In fact, I have been surprised so many times by people who want to give more of their time, money or effort, to something they truly believe in.

Here’s a conversation I had with whom someone I wanted on my team:

“Glad to have been able to know what you are passionate about and the marvellous skills that you possess. Right now our aim is to develop and mentor new members. Personally, they are a great bunch. However, if I have you helping out in the mentoring process, I know they will surely soar in their work scope. There’s no promise of more incentives, but I can guarantee that this will be an extremely fulfilling work because you will be able to teach and impact lives.”

Guess what? This lady with superb counselling skills joined us and played a pivotal role in building the team.

Never say NO for other people.

Give them a reason. Share with them your vision.

And they might just surprise you with a big resounding “YES, I’m willing to be involved!”