Corporate Training

Empower Your Team to Achieve Greatness

At Deep Impact, we believe that every team has the potential to be high-performing. That’s why we offer a wide range of corporate training and consultancy services to help you build a team that is:

  • Collaborative and cohesive
  • Innovative and adaptable
  • Accountable and results-oriented

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Corporate training for team building: Learn how to create a team culture where trust, respect, and collaboration thrive.
  • Building high-performing teams: Develop the skills and knowledge your team needs to succeed, even in the face of challenges.
  • Change management communication: Effectively communicate change to your team in a way that builds buy-in and minimizes disruption.
  • Solution-focused mindset: Cultivate a solution-focused mindset in your team members so that they are constantly focused on finding and implementing solutions to problems.
  • Business acumen: Help your team members develop a deeper understanding of the business and how their work contributes to the bottom line.
  • Financial literacy: Empower your team from frontline to Senior Leaders, to make sound financial decisions, both personally and professionally.
  • Taking ownership: Teach your team members to take ownership of their work and results.


Our training programs are delivered by experienced and engaging professionals who are passionate about helping teams succeed.

We also offer customized consultancy services to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Improve your's team effectiveness with corporate training. Schedule a discovery call to learn more.



Discover what makes us different in the way we work and the process we follow to deliver the desired results to our clients and lead companies coming back for more.

Highly Practical

We solicit the real business challenges that you face and work with you on resolving them.

Result Oriented

We listen attentively to your outcomes and bring you through a process to deliver results.

High Energy

We deliver programs that are fun and highly engaging. We create an experience that allows you to have fun and learn well.


We support your learners in short projects so that they can deliberately apply what they have learnt.
People Impacted
100 +
Clients Served
Countries Influenced
1 +


Our model is focused on providing value to our clients through results-driven work. Discover how our 5D Framework has been used with many of our clients in Singapore and Asia to build a high-performance culture and deliver organisational outcomes.

5d proprietery framework


The business environment of today is evolving rapidly. Therefore, upskilling your team through corporate training programs is important if you want to accelerate their professional development and benefit financially.

Our workshops are designed to help individuals and businesses work smarter and more efficiently by unlocking their potential through experiential learning. Our experts are dedicated to helping you master various skills and grow your business with our hands-on and innovative courses.


Whether you are starting out or looking to expand your enterprise, our courses can be beneficial at any stage of your business journey. Our workshops, which make use of tried-and-true learning solutions, can help increase organisational success and mark your company’s presence in Singapore and all over the world.


We collaborate with your organisation to build a curriculum of learning experiences tailored to your employee’s roles, responsibilities, and developmental needs. We also offer a robust library of online content, so your employees can access learning resources whenever and wherever they are.


Check out our training calendar to see what is available. Alternatively, organise one session for your team today like many of our clients do!


Simple yet logical

"It’s a simple yet logical way of looking at problem resolution and managing our lives in general.”

Matthew Wong, Managing Director
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Avoid Victim Talk

"This program has influenced my thoughts about leading teams and how to avoid victim talk.”

Navab Singh, Director
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Results Generated

"As a leader, I have heard significant feedback from the team on how to create progressive steps and forward momentum for our teams. I like the results generated.”

Haytham Sawalhy, Director
High Energy

"You are able to create a learning environment that has high energy. The small steps that we have identified in our department is practical and workable!”

Dr Hwang Chi Hong, Director
Different perspective to coaching

"Your sessions have given me different perspective to coaching - Focus on competency and progression instead of just looking at the issue on hand.”

Julian Neo, Head of Commercial
Practical and tangible take-aways

"Your session was insightful. Practical and tangible take-aways that you can apply immediately. Thank you for the great learning!”

Swapna Dayanandan, Assistant Director