Better Online Meetings

Say NO to boring meetings. Learn techniques to get your team to turn on their videos and contribute to lively discussions.

As a leader, you feel that your online meetings with your team members can be better.

You might realise your communication is one way and you wished that others contributed more.

You could have members in your call with their videos turned off and wondered if they are even paying attention.

Some team members could also be suffering from online fatigue.

Your online meeting lacks fun and results in little engagement from your team.

How do you change all that? How do you create meetings that others look forward to? How do you engage your colleagues in a way that ensures active and lively discussions?

People Impacted
100 +
Clients Served
Countries Influenced
1 +

You will learn how to:

  • Add fun activities to your meetings.
  • Build a sense of connection better online.
  • Get others to pay attention to you more using offline and online techniques.
  • Use online engagement tools that create fun and engaging conversations.
  • Get others to turn on their video.
  • Solicit response from others and get them excited to reply.
  • Use a model that will help you design better conversations with others.


This program will be full of activities where participants get to try out different ways of running collaborative and engaging online meetings.

We have received hundreds of testimonials of how meetings and discussions have become fun and engaging.

We can customize it to the online platform you are using — Zoom, MS Teams, or Webex.

Program delivery


2 Half-Days or 1 Day

For Whom

Managers and Senior Leaders


In-person Training or
Virtual Training