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About Kenneth Kwan

Through his experiences as an Author, Global Virtual Leadership and Motivational Keynote Speaker, and sustainable change leader, Kenneth Kwan has impacted the lives of over tens of thousands of professionals from over 40 countries, including Singapore. He has helped Multi-National Companies and Government Agencies in establishing proactive and high-performance culture focused on delivering results.

He is best described as making complicated ideas simple to understand and shifting their attention from problems to solutions, creating opportunities, and taking swift action in that direction. Whether in live or virtual events, Kenneth’s clients adore his energy, stories, and compelling call to take action.

He has also written a book, “Small Steps To Big Changes,” which was the product of working with clients for more than ten years. Utilised by locals in lectures and training sessions throughout the region, the book is an easy-to-read guide for anyone looking to create sustainable success for themselves or their team, particularly in a leadership role.

Kenneth is also a Certified Speaking Professional – CSP.

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and many more.

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Highly Energetic

"Your highly energetic virtual keynote delivery to over 244 people from our regional offices was engaging, interactive and inspirational! I had good feedback and would love to work with you again. ”

Jennifer Di, Director of Human Resources
Touched hearts and minds of leaders

"Kenneth’s remarkable ability to deliver complex messages in a simple way, touched the hearts and minds of our leaders. ”

Fermin Diez, Deputy CEO and Group Director
Singapore National Council of Social Service
Results Generated

"I have heard significant feedback from my team on how they created forward momentum in their work. I like the results generated."

Haytham Sawalhy, Director

What do you want to achieve from a keynote?

Lead Change

Are you going to shape your future or react to it?

Lead Change

Are you going to shape your future or react to it?

- Intentionally design your future and don’t let circumstances dictate it.
- Understand how positive descriptions of the future leads to positive behaviours.
- Recognise that it all starts with you.

Drive Results

Results matter in any organization. It is not about goal setting but goal attainment.

Drive Results

Results matter in any organization. It is not about goal setting but goal attainment.

- Understanding your “why” before your “how”.
- How to create a rhythm of winning in life and at work.
- Recognise that winning is a great motivator.

Change Mindsets

Create enabling mindsets that unlocks possibilities because your success goes as far as it grows.

Change Mindsets

Create enabling mindsets that unlocks possibilities because your success goes as far as it grows.

- Understand why Big Hairy Audacious Goals may not always be useful for you.
- Avoid shortcuts and focus on sustainable wins.
- Small steps in the right direction leads to large change in life.

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Global Leadership Conference Speaker Kenneth Kwan from Singapore

Five Reasons Clients Hire Kenneth Kwan

1. High Energy

Kenneth is a professional motivational keynote speaker who engages audiences with humour and strong energy. He strongly believes in “edutainment”, where the audience is educated and entertained. He also employs different strategies to maximise audience involvement.

2. Proven track record

He has spoken at large conferences in regional and global events and is consistently well-loved by his audience and the locals in Singapore. He achieves a high repeat engagement with clients. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP™), one of the rare 20 to be conferred in Singapore, with a proven track record for delivering high-value speeches from the platform.

3. Great takeaways

Kenneth’s content has great takeaways that allow your audience to leave the room with a key message and a compelling call to action. He distils complex topics and makes it easy for memory recall and personal application.

4. Expertise

Kenneth has spoken to corporate and government audiences from 40 countries on six continents. He is also a published author of the book “Small Steps To Big Changes”, which is a result of a decade of work and business results.

5. Easy to work with

Kenneth is easy to work with. He knows what meeting planners want and works closely with them to best achieve their objectives. He also works with them to promote the event and follows up with his audience.

Popular Keynote Topics

Have you ever gotten into problem-focused discussions and wished it was more solution focused?
How do you create conversations that elicit a desire for positive change?
How do you help others overcome inertia and get results fast?
This talk gives you ideas on how you can create small steps to big changes.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand why traditional diagnostic language may not always yield positive results.
  • Hold conversations to shift people from problem-thinking to solution-thinking.
  • Learn how to identify and amplify useful change at work.
  • Create clear action steps forward that sets others up for success.

How can optimism boost your achievements and resilience in life? What if the key methods of personal success were delivered straight to you? How would your life be different?

Key Takeaways:

• Learn how to overcome complex challenges in the face of negativity.
• Learn how optimism can enhance your life by listening to cutting-edge research.
• Acquire the ability to switch from a problem-focused to a solution-focused viewpoint.
• Recognise what makes optimistic people more successful than the average person.
• Discover three techniques you can do right away to boost your optimism.

Businesses were significantly affected during the pandemic. Any plans that were made prior to the outbreak were unable to be implemented and adhered to due to the change in circumstances.

If anything, the pandemic has shown us how quickly things can change. The world was largely unprepared for the scale of the crisis, but in return were left equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly prove useful in the next emergency.

How should you improve your team’s or organisation’s business agility in this era of fast change? How can you quickly transition them from whining to winning?

Key Takeaways

• Listen to ideas on addressing business issues and adapting as the situation demands.
• How to set up a secure environment where people can experiment and innovate.
• Acquire knowledge on how to accelerate move-to-market and implementation times.
• Business agility and its relationship to productivity.

People Impacted
100 +
Clients Served
Countries Influenced
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Yes, Kenneth is experienced in working with translators and we even wrote an article about it.

To give you full confidence and assurance of a successful event, it is best to work with a Certified Speaking Professional.

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