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About Corporate Coaching

Some coaching sessions are not 100% effective because it lacks follow-through. We believe that leadership development and enhancing effectiveness take place while working with stakeholders and not just talking through challenges.

The most significant obstacle for managers and executives today in Singapore is not understanding what leadership is but rather applying the principles and ensuring their behaviours match them.

Leaders become more effective when their journey of leadership change is intentional, sustained and recognised by the stakeholders they are managing. Successful leaders understand that they need to constantly engage stakeholders’ input to provide feedback on how they are improving.

How we support you in your leadership journey via Coaching

To achieve this, we employ the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach to deliver real-time coaching engagements designed to be objective, stakeholder-centric and drive accountability.


The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching is intended for accomplished corporate executives who have been recognised by their organisation as top leaders and have high potential to produce clearly defined organisational outcomes.


Our coaching session for corporate executives begins with creating awareness of the existing habits that are serving and not serving a leader. After determining the area of focus the leader wishes to embark on, we ask the leader to identify their stakeholders and invite them to be part of their growth process.


It is our key belief that accelerating leadership growth and delivering results is about changing behaviours and adopting new habits to support it. Leaders must actively engage their stakeholders in gathering feedback on what is working and what needs to be different. Stakeholders have valuable and insightful advice for changing behaviours that would make leaders more effective. They can also point out blind spots that the leader may not see.


In the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach, leaders need to demonstrate over the coaching period the new behaviours and habits that have emerged and that they can serve the team they lead.

How Our Approach Differs From Others

Most corporate executive coaching sessions in Singapore end with the onus on the leader to follow up. This method lacks accountability and does not drive results.

Our approach is different because it has a significant emphasis on implementation and execution. We partner with the leader on being intentional about their behaviours, follow up and create accountability in the process, thus creating effective leadership results.

Our typical corporate coaching engagement with an executive usually lasts from six to twelve months. After this, we design an assessment to allow stakeholders to rate the change in behaviours and habits and determine whether the executive has been effective in them.

Benefits of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

1. Gain clarity in the exact behaviour and habits that need to be developed.

2. Follow a proven template of engagement strategies that set the executive up for success.

3. Involve stakeholders in providing feedback and follow-up on it. This demonstrates that the executive is interested in their opinions and insights.

4. Be accountable for actions and inactions during the coaching engagement and provide monthly updates.

5. Get an assessment of how they have improved in their leadership effectiveness. 

Wish to embark on this transformative corporate executive coaching process? Get on a no-obligatory call to explore how we can partner with you as a coach to achieve results.


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Simple yet logical

"It’s a simple yet logical way of looking at problem resolution and managing our lives in general.”

Matthew Wong, Managing Director
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Avoid Victim Talk

"This program has influenced my thoughts about leading teams and how to avoid victim talk.”

Navab Singh, Director
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Results Generated

"As a leader, I have heard significant feedback from the team on how to create progressive steps and forward momentum for our teams. I like the results generated.”

Haytham Sawalhy, Director
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High Energy

"You are able to create a learning environment that has high energy. The small steps that we have identified in our department is practical and workable!”

Dr Hwang Chi Hong, Director
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Different perspective to coaching

"Your sessions have given me different perspective to coaching - Focus on competency and progression instead of just looking at the issue on hand.”

Julian Neo, Head of Commercial
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Practical and tangible take-aways

"Your session was insightful. Practical and tangible take-aways that you can apply immediately. Thank you for the great learning!”

Swapna Dayanandan, Assistant Director
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