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Some coaching sessions are not 100% effective because it lacks follow-through. We believe that leadership growth and improving effectiveness takes place at work while interacting with stakeholders and not just talking through challenges.

The major leadership challenge for managers and executives today is NOT understanding the practice of leadership BUT practising their understanding of leadership. For successful leaders to become more effective, leadership change needs to be positive, sustained, recognised and acknowledged by their stakeholders (and others).

To achieve this, we use the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. It is real-time and on-the-job which is highly effective and time efficient.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching is designed for successful executives who have been singled out by their organization as top leaders and high potentials to deliver clearly defined organizational results.

Accelerating leadership growth and effectiveness is about changing behaviours and creating new processes & habits while interacting with others (Stakeholders) on the job.

It takes the leadership change process further, outside the leader’s office, and into their work environment with the stakeholders. Stakeholders can provide important and insightful suggestions for behavioural change that would help leaders to become more effective on the job. This Stakeholder Centred process includes a strong emphasis on action implementation and follow-through to make change stick, thus creating more effective leadership behaviours and habits.

Leadership growth has only real value though implementing change that is sustained, recognised and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace.

Wish to embark on this transformative coaching process? Get on a no-obligatory call to explore how we can partner with you as a coach to achieve results.



Highly Practical

We solicit the real business challenges that you face and work with you on resolving them.

Result Oriented

We listen attentively to your outcomes and bring you through a process to deliver results.

High Energy

We deliver programs that are fun and highly engaging. We create an experience that allows you to have fun and learn well.


We support your learners in short projects so that they can deliberately apply what they have learnt.
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Simple yet logical

"It’s a simple yet logical way of looking at problem resolution and managing our lives in general.”

Matthew Wong, Managing Director
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Avoid Victim Talk

"This program has influenced my thoughts about leading teams and how to avoid victim talk.”

Navab Singh, Director
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Results Generated

"As a leader, I have heard significant feedback from the team on how to create progressive steps and forward momentum for our teams. I like the results generated.”

Haytham Sawalhy, Director
High Energy

"You are able to create a learning environment that has high energy. The small steps that we have identified in our department is practical and workable!”

Dr Hwang Chi Hong, Director
Different perspective to coaching

"Your sessions have given me different perspective to coaching - Focus on competency and progression instead of just looking at the issue on hand.”

Julian Neo, Head of Commercial
Practical and tangible take-aways

"Your session was insightful. Practical and tangible take-aways that you can apply immediately. Thank you for the great learning!”

Swapna Dayanandan, Assistant Director