Deep Impact Wins Best Corporate Leadership Development (Bronze)

HRM Asia Award Best Corporate Leadership Development Singapore Deep Impact

8 November 2022 – We are thrilled to announce that Deep Impact has won Bronze under the Best Corporate – Leadership Development Category. HRM Asia’s awards are presented each year to recognise the best and brightest Human Resource industry partners and solutions provider, who acts as partners to organisations. Together with a panel of judges […]

5 reasons why training fails and what you can do to make it work

Why Training does not deliver Business Results

I am going to share five reasons why training does not deliver business results and what you can do about it. Most people agree that training is important, but somehow it does not always lead to increased performance and better business results.   Why do we measure training effectiveness?​ Companies across the globe invest heavily […]

What do you say to people who reply you with “Don’t know”

I don't know

Have you ever gotten frustrated because the first answer to any question you ask others is, “Don’t know”. What can you say to help others to answer your question? How do you get others to reply you without giving you a blank look? How do you handle such passive aggressive response? Handling “I don’t know” […]

How to succeed at speaking in hybrid events

Speaking in Hybrid Events

Hybrid events it is the future and is here to stay. With most countries in the world moving into an endemic stage, hybrid events are getting even more popular. The future right now is one event operating at two spaces — the physical and the virtual space. I strongly predict that even if the endemic […]

The problem with most recognition awards at the workplace

In the recent facilitation session that I ran for a client, I realized that every year they hold a great event to celebrate the innovation projects of teams and recognize their efforts, and business impact. In most innovation projects the teams usually involve some leaders who took an idea and turned them into reality. The […]

Are you failing enough at work?

Are you failing enough at work? If you have not been failing enough, it probably means that you have not been improving much. I was clearing out some of my old videos and I realized that I came a long way. My videos, in the beginning, were grainy. This was mainly because of inadequate lighting […]

7 business lessons we can learn from the Squid Game

Squid Game

In one of the most popular shows in Netflix’s history, Squid Game has captured the imaginations of many people because of its portrayal of human greed, debt, and hopelessness. The players in the Squid Games have to navigate through a series of childhood games. They have to adapt and strategise how to win within the […]

What competencies do you need?

How to talk about competencies instead of talking about problems

Instead of talking about problems, we can talk about competencies. As a leader, It is important to coach your staff to ask themselves what competencies or skills to tackle their problems. By talking about what kind of competencies they need, we can help others change their perspectives so that they can solve problems. Conversations like […]

Leadership trends in 2021 and beyond (Part 2 of 2)

This is the 2nd and last video of the leadership trends video. These are my observations after having deep and intimate conversations with 48 leaders. And in case you have missed the Part 1 video, please click below.