Key Differences Between Fixed, Growth and Solution-Focused Mindset

fixed growth solution focused mindset difference comparison

Mindsets play a pivotal role in shaping our outcomes, both personally and professionally. According to research, embracing the right mindset can lead to positive outcomes and fulfilment in life & business. Here we compare the 3 mindsets: fixed, growth and solution-focused mindset.

What do you say to people who reply you with “Don’t know”

I don't know

  Have you ever gotten frustrated because the first answer to any question you ask others is, “Don’t know”. What can you say to help others to answer your question? How do you get others to reply you without giving you a blank look? How do you handle such passive aggressive response?   Handling “I […]

The problem with most recognition awards at the workplace

In the recent facilitation session that I ran for a client, I realized that every year they hold a great event to celebrate the innovation projects of teams and recognize their efforts, and business impact.   In most innovation projects the teams usually involve some leaders who took an idea and turned them into reality. […]

What competencies do you need?

What competencies do you need

Instead of talking about problems, we can talk about competencies. As a leader, It is important to coach your staff to ask themselves what competencies or skills to tackle their problems.

3 Ways to increase business agility in your organisation

Business agility

The challenge for any organisation is still to serve its stakeholders well even when the business conditions keep changing. Business agility affects business and culture. Here we list 3 “tests” to see if your organisation is agile and what you can do about it.

7 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Life

Philippine HR Congress Howell Malabut interviews Kenneth Kwan - "How do you stay motivated in life?"

“How do you motivate yourself and keep it up?” This was posted to me when Howell Mabalot interviewed me after my speech to over 1500 people in the recent Philippines HR Congress 2019. Honestly, there are times where I don’t feel exactly highly motivated, but my response to it is extremely important. This is not […]