What competencies do you need?

Instead of talking about problems, we can talk about competencies

As a leader, It is important to coach your staff to ask themselves what competencies or skills to tackle their problems.

By talking about what kind of competencies they need, we can help others change their perspectives so that they can solve problems. Conversations like this are a lot easier and more uplifting.

Here are some examples I share in the video.



Kenneth Kwan is a global keynote speaker and author of the book “Small Steps To Big Changes, which is a result of over a decade of work with clients. He is also the founder of Deep Impact, a leading training solutions company that serves hundreds of Multi-National and Government Clients. Businesses that work with Deep Impact say that they have increased staff motivation, optimism and achieved business results.

He has also been featured in Newspapers, TV, and Radio stations like The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, and The Business Station (BFM).

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