The New Book Unveiled: Small Steps To Big Changes

Small Steps To Big Changes Cover

My new book is finally here!

Have you ever planned for something but didn’t achieve it? That change within your team and organisation seems impossible? You’ve tried that diet for the tenth time and failed. Your team enrolled in a communications workshop but after it, isn’t communicating any much better.

In Small Steps To Big Changes, leadership and motivational speaker, Kenneth Kwan presents a winning formula for you to win big in life—and that is to start small. Achieving lofty goals may be the domain of the high achiever but Kenneth believes that anyone can set and achieve small goals.

He shows you how to in this groundbreaking book.

In each chapter, you will learn the principles that will gear you up for success. However, this book does not leave you hanging there; it also shows you how to put these principles into action by taking small, practical and doable steps. As you delve into the pages, you will also encounter individuals and teams who have put these principles into practice and now lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Some of the things you will learn in this book include:
1. Turning negative conversations into optimistic ones.
2. Creating possibilities when none are at hand.
3. Identifying quick ideas and forward-moving action steps.
4. Improving current results and efficiently solving problems.
5. Building winning mindsets and self-belief for others and yourself.

As you start to win small, you are primed to win big and achieve all those work and personal goals you have always wanted.

You will get a limited signed HARDCOVER edition of Small Steps To Big Changes if you pre-order now.

Here’s the ask:

1. If the book sounds interesting to you, please order it today. Only for the first 170 people who pre-order, you will receive a physical DVD on “Stirring and Connecting with your audience anytime, anywhere!” (Worth $30 at no extra cost to you).

2. Bulk orders – If you are considering to buy books for friends, colleagues, department or organisation, I promise you that they will not be disappointed. There are 3 options for this plus additional bonuses like a consulting call, strategy session or delivering my popular keynote (ranging from $500 to $5,000).

3. Help spread the word – If you have benefited from my work or writings and would like to support me in publicising this book, I will be grateful. You can help by recommending me to media, bloggers, influencers or heads of organisations or do a social media post about it. Please email me regarding this.

Will this book work for you? Well, if tens of thousands of people around the region have benefitted from my training programs or my keynote, I believe it will work for you. It will work when you act on it. Let me know within 3 months of this purchase if you do not feel that you have gained anything and I will refund you the money. You have nothing to lose – that’s my promise.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you will take action on my ask.