Why Most People Will Probably Fail In Achieving Their Goals

Why people fail In achieving their goals or targets.

Honestly, what I am about to share may provoke you. But I feel that it is rather important to let you know this at the expense of our relationship. Therefore, I will risk offending you in the process.

I hope to provoke you to consider why you might need to relook in the way you set goals.

Why do people not see success over the years? Well, here are some reasons:


1. They set BHAG (Big Hairy and Audacious Goals) with NO track record

One of the best ways to disappoint yourself is to set BHAG goals and not achieve anything at all. There are tons of people who ask you to set BIG goals. Nothing wrong with that, it is just that if you do not have a track record of achieving them, you are just setting yourself up for major disappointment. For starters, I usually set low hanging fruit goals which I know I can handle. This helps to build momentum and faith that I can achieve small things easily. The goal then gets bigger and more audacious over time. Consider breaking your yearly goal into quarterly goals. It is much easier to manage and achieve.


2. They can’t remember what goals they have set

Previously, I recall setting so many goals that I can’t remember them all. This leads to not achieving any one of them. To force myself to remember them, I placed my goals (which have been reduced to a few) all over places that I will frequent. Even at home, you can see it next to my work desk, mirrored cabinet, wall of my bedroom and even the toilet.

Remember: Out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Therefore, keep your goals in sight!


3. Do not bother to review their goals

If you not review your goals, how will you know where you are currently? During my university days in Australia, a group of friends and I will usually travel to a different state every semester. We will constantly take rest stops to just check out where we were and whether we were headed in the right direction! There were a couple of times when we made wrong turns, but this was quickly corrected simply because we reviewed our progress! Progress helps to determine whether you are reaping the RIGHT things in your work, rather than just focus on activity.

4. There is no compelling reason to achieve it

Most people make goals that just look good or exciting to them. However, the drive behind it is really the main crux. Why do you need to achieve it? What will happen if you do not achieve it? Will there be any consequence? I strongly feel that we must identify our drive to action. I made a decision at one critical point in my life and it changed me. One of my mentors said: If your WHY is big enough, you will naturally find your HOW to do things. The bigger your WHY, the more likely you will succeed.



Make this year a great year for you! Set your goals and take massive action!


“In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” – Robert Heinlein


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Kenneth Kwan, CSP

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