Are You Hitting The Snooze Button In Your Life?


You are sleeping very soundly and comfortably in your bed. All of a sudden, a loud ringing sound is activated and you slowly drag yourself out of the bed. You reach towards your clock and look for the button to activate the snooze.

“Just five more minutes”, you tell yourself and crash back towards the bed. This ritual repeats itself for another three times before you realise that you really need to wake up. Need to wake up before you are late for work.

Has this ever happened to you?

Honestly speaking, I used to be like this.

In fact, I really loved to sleep but ever since I have decided to take complete control over my habits, I noticed that this scenario has dramatically decreased. I realised that snoozing is a bad habit and I need to take control of this area of my life. In fact, I began to see that in the earlier part of my life, I have been snoozing away. Let me explain to you what I mean.

We tend to live life in a snooze mode. This means that in most cases, whenever people want to make significant changes in their lives, they tend to think…

“I should just wait a little while more…”

“Just one more week of this before I really start doing something about it…”

“Wait till I have more time/money (delete where applicable), then I will finally get down to it.”

They tend to hit the snooze button in their lives. They figured that they need to “sleep a little more” and put things off. They decide to just wait a little while more and delay to enjoy the comfort of their current lifestyle.

Every time I hear someone who wants to make a significant change in their life and that he/she wants to start next week/month/year, I shudder. That is because I know that it will probably not happen or that person will inevitably give up after some time.

“All of us have significant dreams and desires that we have always wanted to do.”

– Kenneth Kwan

It could be the work-out that you needed, the change of work scope that you wanted or the promotion that you desired. Why don’t you make it happen, rather than wait for the ‘right’ moment to occur?

Do you hit the snooze button in your life?

Honestly, I have done it so many times that I confess that it is really harmed me. The best part about running my business is that every action that I take, I can see almost immediate effects of my actions. If I am sloppy, my business will be sloppy and so will my staff. However, if I am on top of things and demand that we do a job well, my business will be like that and my staff will react in the same way. The good news is that I have repented and have decided to be aggressive in eliminating the snooze effect in my life.

So, if you really need to change your habits that are killing you, work on it right now. Don’t hit the snooze button.

If you need to work on your health, eat right and treat your body well, do right now. Do not snooze over it.

If you need to make your relationships enduring and exciting, work on it now. Do not snooze over it.

If you have been losing money in your investment decisions, educate yourself right now. Do not snooze over it.

I am convinced that you will start to see changes, if you constantly ask what are the immediate actions you can take in a particular area of your life and be relentless to make it happen.

Making a change in your life needs momentum and you have to first overcome the huge inertia. Once you start seeing small steps of success happening because of your fierce determination, put even more effort into it. The cycle of success will then continue and you will start seeing significant results.

Remember, for a fire to burn brightly, you’ll need to fuel the fire. I hope you will repeatedly fuel the fire within you.

Motivation is not a one day thing, it is an everyday thing that you need to regularly talk to yourself.

Kenneth Kwan

So, what are you going to stop doing and start working on?

Leave me your comments.

Photo credit: Richard Warner, Flickr