The One Decision That Changed My Life

Change - take action

When I first started in my training business, did you know that I actually worked for other training organisations for just $30/hr? This was rather pathetic, because I only worked for 2 hours day, and most of the time, just 2 days a week. This meant that I only earned approximately $480/month.

This was extremely bad because I had to dig into my savings every month to pay for the bills, housing loan and even food for myself. For four nights in a row, I could not sleep well at all and my wife asked me if I was stressed by what I was doing (I couldn’t admit it and I said NO). Things became very bad till the extent where I could remember that I was left with just $22 in my bank account. This left me very dissatisfied with the results that I am having.

Made a firm decision and take massive action

After so much pain and frustration, I made a firm decision. I believed it was a compelling moment where I said ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I made a firm decision that I will NOT BE POOR, but will be one of the BEST trainers in Singapore. I will grow from strength to strength in training in the things that I strongly believe in and earn money from it. I must admit that it was only this strong sense of disturbance within the soul that when you make a FIRM DECISION and take Massive Action, it will change your life!

Fast forward many years: I have found a lot of success in training; teaching people what I am passionate about, influencing them to make changes and being paid well for it (what a dream job). All this happened because out of the moment of desperation, I made a FIRM DECISION.

I am well-paid currently in what I do and derive tremendous amount of satisfaction from my transformational work.

The reason I am sharing about this personal story is to ask you if you ever had a burning desire to do something but yet met with tremendous obstacles that faced your way, or were you ever been plagued by thousands of reasons why you will fail in a task, my encouragement to you is this: MAKE A FIRM DECISION AND TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

Radical Change

A radical change only happens when a person becomes extremely frustrated and makes a FIRM DECISION to do whatever it takes to overcome the situation. This change will be lasting because it causes a person to be an Overcomer!  

Remember, everything starts with a Decision. What is your decision today?