Four Reasons Why You Should Select A Good Motivational Keynote Speaker For Your Next Event?

Motivational leadership keynote speaker Kenneth Kwan, addressing a group of doctors and healthcare professionals.

Motivation is a powerful force that propels individuals towards their goals, and a skilled keynote speaker knows just how to ignite that spark in your event attendees. Through compelling stories and insightful lessons, professional speakers can inspire your audience to take small actions that lead to significant achievements. Discover the multitude of benefits when you engage a motivational keynote speaker for your next event.

7 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Life

Philippine HR Congress Howell Malabut interviews Kenneth Kwan - "How do you stay motivated in life?"

“How do you motivate yourself and keep it up?” This was posted to me when Howell Mabalot interviewed me after my speech to over 1500 people in the recent Philippines HR Congress 2019. Honestly, there are times where I don’t feel exactly highly motivated, but my response to it is extremely important. This is not […]

Baptism of fire

APSS CSP Awards 2016

(Picture is my recent award of the Certified Speaking Professional designation. The CSP™ is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill and less than than 12% of 5000 over professional speakers worldwide hold the designation.) Many many years ago, when I first started the speaking business, I couldn’t really get any jobs at […]

“Will you ever be tired of speaking?”

A lot of my participants come up to me and ask me if I am ever tired of speaking? Will I ever be bored saying the same things, telling the same jokes or sharing the same stories? My short answer is “No“. Mastery involves doing the same things again and again till it is really […]

Eat, Play, Learn in Mumbai

I was away for a speaking engagement in the World Human Resources Development (HRD) Congress in Mumbai, India and learnt quite a few things about the people and its culture. I hope to be able to share with you a different perspective of life, work and my experience winning an award. 1. Skills and mindset […]

What happened at the Personal Branding for Corporate Success Seminar?

Personal Branding for Corporate Success 2012

September 2012 was the most exciting months for me as I was one of the speakers for the Personal Branding for Corporate Success Seminar. Participants received lots of useful and valuable tips from all the speakers that day, on how they can get ahead in their lives through personal branding and influence. If you miss […]

Kenneth Kwan will be speaking in a panel for Raise Your Game 2012

What is Raise Your Game 2012? It is an event where professionals gather to learn techniques on how to achieve greater success at work and how you can be totally effective. Topics covered How can I become an even greater leader? How can I handle office politics? How can I speak with more confidence and […]

Raise Your Game 2011

Kenneth Kwan will be one of the 7 speakers who will be speaking for Raise Your Game 2011. It is an entertaining and content rich seminar where you will learn from professional speakers on how to make significant changes to your life! If you want to quickly jumpstart this year productively, grow personally and professionally, […]

I’m a Featured Speaker at Learning & Development Summit 2009

Great News! I just want to share that I am a Featured Speaker in this year’s Learning & Development Summit 2009. HR Professionals from different companies will be gathered to address key communication strategies for learning and development in the organization as they measure the performance of learning and development programmes. There will be TOP level professionals from […]