“Will you ever be tired of speaking?”

A lot of my participants come up to me and ask me if I am ever tired of speaking? Will I ever be bored saying the same things, telling the same jokes or sharing the same stories?

My short answer is “No“. Mastery involves doing the same things again and again till it is really good.

It demands consistent action and the difference between good and great is that greatness comes from being able to be disciplined in constantly doing things that you know is working well and doing more of it.

What doesn’t work gets thrown out fast. Being disciplined also means that you stick to one thing at a time, rather than pursue many things. You only have finite time and have to consider how to spend your time wisely.

The exciting thing to me is that the audience is always different. Each group has different learning insights and applications, even though the subject is the same.

People are dynamic and when you understand that they have their own unique ability to draw different conclusions and learning, you will realise that it is every interaction is a different interaction.

This gives excitement. This gives life.

Picture of Kenneth Kwan, CSP
Kenneth Kwan, CSP

Kenneth Kwan is an internationally recognized Author, Global Leadership and Motivational Speaker, renowned for his ability to inspire and empower audiences worldwide. With over a decade of experience, he has spoken to leaders from 40 countries, helping transform cultures and shift mindsets within Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and Government Organizations. Kenneth’s expertise in solution-focused thinking and strategic planning has guided numerous businesses toward significant results and high-performance environments. Featured in esteemed media outlets like Channel News Asia and Malaysia's BFM89.9, his insights on leadership and motivation are highly sought after. Kenneth's book, "Small Steps To Big Changes," showcases his profound wisdom and practical strategies, making a lasting impact in lectures and training programs across the region.