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  • The New Book Unveiled: Small Steps To Big Changes

    Small Steps To Big Changes Cover

    My new book is finally here! Have you ever planned for something but didn’t achieve it? That change within your team and organisation seems impossible? You’ve tried that diet for the tenth time and failed. Your team enrolled in a communications workshop but after it, isn’t communicating any much better. In Small Steps To Big […]

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  • 6 ways to succeed more in life

    Everyone wants more success in life but it doesn’t mean that they want to do something about it. In most articles, they claim that the first step you need to do is to set SMART goals. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how can you possibly succeed? Well, my answer is a […]

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  • How to hit your goals every time, all the time

      Many people set goals and I’m sure that you at some point in your life, you have actually set either personal goals or got involved in your organisational goal. Some people love to set stretch goals or BHAGs (also known as Big Hairy Audacious Goals). But honestly, how many actually achieve them? In my […]

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  • What Do You Need To Stop And Start For The New Year

    As the new year starts to unfold, I believe you will hear that your team will START on new initiatives, goals or projects* (delete where applicable). I know that you might be even planning this for your own personal life. Every new year, I constantly hear from people the new things that needs to be done, […]

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  • There Is No Such Thing as “Work-Life Balance”

    campus 938 live panel

    Last friday, I was invited as one of the expert panelist for MediaCorp Radio 938 Live outdoor program, ‘Campus‘. The event was held at ITE College West and the topic for discussion that day was “Do our youths work hard and play hard at school? How important is it to our youths to have a […]

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