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  • Do you honestly ask for feedback?

    The Leadership Masterclass

    After conducting a training session a week ago, my colleague and I picked up the phone to call participants who attended our program. Rather than being blinded by the “trainer’s syndrome” (where trainers walk away thinking that they ran a great program while the participants don’t share the same level of enthusiasm), we asked each person what they […]

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  • How to execute your goals consistently?

    Many people know how to set goals. In my discussion with top leaders from multi-national corporations and government agencies, I can see that many people know how to set clearly defined goals for themselves and their organization. However, most companies don’t achieve the goals they set! Why? It is not about setting of goals. It […]

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  • Are you suffering from BSOS?

    Have you heard of this plague that is sweeping across the world? It has affected a lot of people so much that they instantly lose focus on what they are supposed to do, and focus on things that are more interesting. BSOS, is in fact, Bright Shining Object Syndrome. Well, to know if you are […]

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  • Four Leadership Lessons from World Cup 2014

    UPDATE: The article you’re going to read right now has been featured on Singapore’s Straits Times RECRUIT section, on 24th July 2014. If you would to read a copy of the Straits Times version, you can click on the news article image below or download it here.   (Copyrights belong to The Straits Times) Although the […]

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  • Leading your people to greater work passion, performance and profits

    fuji xerox conquers 2013 kenneth kwan

    In every organization, there will definitely be teams of people working together. In your company, it could be your department working with one another, your immediate team with a team supervised by a colleague or even teams that are cross-functional. Regardless of the team composition, there is always a need to lead them to high […]

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