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  • Listen to the wish behind every complaint

    The Story There was a senior project manager who invited me down to his office to talk about a training program for his staff. He introduced me to his company and also the type of engineering work that they were involved in. However, when it came to his team of people working on the project, he […]

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  • What happened at the Personal Branding for Corporate Success Seminar?

    September 2012 was the most exciting months for me as I was one of the speakers for the Personal Branding for Corporate Success Seminar. Participants received lots of useful and valuable tips from all the speakers that day, on how they can get ahead in their lives through personal branding and influence. If you miss […]

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  • How Great Leaders Inspire Action

    How do great leaders inspire action? What are the secrets of communication behind great companies and personalities like Apple and Martin Luther King?   Watch this video to understand why people buy into what you do. Find out what compels people to be drawn into your mission and become great fans.      

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  • Great Leadership And Principles That They Live By

    Image by kevindooley In my previous blog post, I asked people to define “what is leadership to you?” There were a lot of great definitions and answers that were contributed and allow me to share with you mine. Leadership is all about INFLUENCE. It is about who listens to you when you speak and how […]

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  • Why You Act The Way You Do?

    Have you ever heard people say the following phrases: “I’m not sure if this job suits me!”  “Why does Sarah always leave things to the last minute and then do it?” “I just need to get this job done fast, why is she asking so many questions?”  “Why can’t my boss make decisions quickly and […]

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