Organizations like AIA, Becton Dickinson, Sime Darby, Ministry of Health Singapore, and many more have invited Kenneth Kwan to speak to their organization to increase personal effectiveness, trust and team effectiveness.



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Increasing Personal Success Through Learnt Optimism

What does research say about how optimism can increase your levels of success and resilience in your life? What if the key techniques of personal success are hand delivered to you right now? How would it change your life? In this talk, you will:

  • Uncover secrets to overcoming tough obstacles in the midst of negativity.
  • Listen to ground-breaking research on how optimism can improve your life.
  • Learn how to move from problem focused to solution focused view.
  • Learn what sets optimistic people to be more successful than the rest.
  • Learn three strategies you can apply to increase your optimism immediately.


High Impact Teams

People are the key asset in any organisation, but how do you move them towards Peak Performance? In this talk, you will experience the essential formula for rapidly building a sustainable team structure where they consistently hit their organisation’s goals.

  • How to be goal-focused and instill a discipline of execution within a team
  • Build high trust levels and get others to trust you in all that you say
  • Build a safe environment that fosters open communication
  • Build a system of accountability
  • Create a place that supports team members to succeed.


Patterns Of Success!

Do you realize that what is stopping you from achieving success is actually you? What if you could distill the top-secret formula on how people became successful in their work and personal lives? What if you could instantly double or triple the results you want right now? You will need to deal with limiting beliefs and move towards an empowered mindset. The inner psychology needs to be challenged before the exterior results can be seen.

  • How to consistently be an action taker and see results in your life.
  • How to avoid victim mentality and be mindful in your everyday work.
  • Create powerful mental strategies that dramatically increase your self-belief!
  • How do you stay focused and motivated in the midst of busyness.
  • Identify the six strategies to success and what you can do right now to attain it.


Creating small steps to big changes

How do you help people from being trapped in a sea of problems and quickly move them to be solution focused? What if there is a set of techniques that can help a person master internal resources to effectively solve their own limitations? You will be learning a powerful model to help people quickly focus on what they want and move towards that direction.

  • Create possibility thinking instead of getting stuck at operational issues.
  • How to adopt a “solution-focused” mindset rather than “problem focused”.
  • Understand how to create change, optimism and sustain progress.
  • Use a series of tools to save time, get commitment and solve problems.
  • Overcome negativity in the workplace by using what works and evidence-based techniques.
  • Discover the micro-skills of how to elicit action steps and improve situations quickly.


Here’s what others have to say about Deep Impact Keynotes and Talks:


mom-logo-220“Kenneth was knowledgeable and very passionate about the topics shared. The passion positively influenced everyone to put aside skepticism and to participate fully in the program. “

Christine Loh, Director
International Manpower Division
Ministry of Manpower


bd-logo-220“The impact of the presentation was so powerful that managers were requesting that the concepts be displayed in our meeting rooms as constant reminders. We feel fortunate to have been introduced to you and your company.”

Au Yuen Keng
Director – Compensation & Benefits AP
Becton Dickinson


moh-logo-220“The session which you spoke at was attended by 110 participants, and it is very encouraging to have received very positive feedback from the participants of your session, and many have enjoyed their session with you.”

Peter Lee, Deputy Director
Ministry of Health


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