How To Develop TRUST Within Teams

Trust is one of the most important things in the world that all of us need before we can ever start any relationship or build any team. However, most people fail in this area. Allow me to ask you a few questions to see how trustworthy you are:

1.    For the past month, have you ever promised to do things and not fulfil it?

2.    Do you come late for meetings/appointments (yes, even 1 minute late is still considered late!)

3.    Does your family member or spouse doubt your words?

4.    Are there times when you have behaved inconsistently in your life?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above statements, you really need to work on your trust level. I know that it has very high standards, but hey, people do judge you by what you say or do. Sometimes they will also judge you by what you DO NOT say or DON’T DO.

To ever build trust in the team or with people you love, it boils down to just this word.


Before any teams can actually reach their peak potential, they must first be consistent in how they approach each other and do things. This means that if I were to tell you that we will meet at 3pm, let’s start the meeting at 3pm. If we ever start late and it happens quite a few times, you will start to doubt my words. A few more times, you will start to doubt the entire team in just doing one small thing. When you cannot even have faith in the small things, how can we ever talk about the bigger things?

Therefore, to build Trust in the team, we have to be always mindful of making small agreements and keeping to them. Be faithful in the little things, before we can do the bigger things. I strongly feel that we need to work on our characters and ALWAYS say what we mean and mean what we say! This creates consistency and people know that they can always trust us to be consistent with what we say or do (or don’t do as well).

This is very important especially when we have made promises, eg. rewarding the team when they achieve their targets, letting people go home early because we said they can when they have worked hard or even sending a quotation to a client on time, just because you said so!

So… in conclusion, can I trust you?

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