Why most Teambuilding programs in Singapore will not work!

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Being in this industry of training teams and even organising teambuilding programs, I will be sharing with you some insights on why I think a lot of teambuilding programs in Singapore will not work at all! This is after much observation of a lot of teambuilding companies.

In most cases, companies hire teambuilding companies for the fun they provide and games where everyone is engaged in some activity. Companies ask for outdoor activities as much as possible, thinking that they will be more fun. Games sometimes involve doing things faster, better or even a clearer way of communication. However, after such programs, people resume their own set of behaviour when they go back to work the following day. This is because issues are not addressed and mindset has not changed.

Here are a few things that can give you a low Return On Investment (ROI) for your teambuilding programs:

1.  Not being clear on the specific outcome you want

Instead of saying things like “Better cohesiveness, have fun or bonding”, it is better to ask whether you can address certain issues like:

“I want my staff to be able to take responsibility for their work and not constantly lay blame.”
“I want them to be pro-active in their work and life.”
“I want to be able to consciously think of how they can add value to their team members.”

The more specific your outcome you want, the better your ROI for the teambuilding program.

2.  Trainer possesses poor facilitation skills

I had my fair share of seeing facilitators who are NOT able to bring out a lesson that really makes a Deep Impact on their clients. They just keep talking about the same things that you and I know. In proper facilitation, you actually want the participants to discover the lesson as much as possible, so that learning becomes extremely personal and impactful.

Poor trainers tell people what the lesson is; great trainers help people find the lesson behind the activities.

3.  Most programs do not address mindset or give great guiding principles

We all know that we should work together in teams, but the question is “why do we not do that all the time?” My experience in building teams is that people usually have their own belief systems regarding teams and not everyone believes in WIN-WIN.

A good teambuilding program must be able to address such mindsets and give great guiding principles to replace the old beliefs.

4.  Lack of follow up after the teambuilding program

Most teambuilding programs are just one day but how can you create a team within a day? Creating great teams require a process but most companies end it within a day. One important element is to have a time where there is sufficient follow-up for participants to review the lessons learnt. Constant emphasis and application of the same message has a better chance of helping your staff to internalise what they have learnt.

The next time you choose your service provider, do ensure that they will make a Deep Impact in having fun that is meaningful and objective.

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