How To Drive Effective Problem-Solving With Facilitation

facilitation for effective change management

Do you need a fresh perspective? An impartial sounding board for your ideas?

An external facilitator is effective in leading companies out of discussion stalemates.

Here are 3 reasons why facilitation is beneficial and 3 ways you can maximize it toward success.


3 Reasons Why A Facilitator Can Help With Effective Problem-Solving

1. Helps Everyone Stay Focused

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An external facilitator brings a valuable mix of objectivity, neutrality, and expertise to the table, ensuring that a team stays on track throughout discussions.

By offering an unbiased perspective and a neutral ground, facilitators cultivate an environment for open conversations without internal biases or one person taking over the discussion.

They focus on the intended objectives, draw out input from all team members, and maximise the effectiveness of discussion.


2. Bring Fresh Ideas To The Table

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Doing the same thing every day could put invisible boundaries around you and your team’s potential to explore possibilities. However, an external facilitator brings in perspectives untethered from your daily operations.

Drawing from a diverse range of experiences and cross-industry knowledge, facilitators introduce concepts inspired by market trends and emerging best practices.

They challenge conventional thinking and assumptions, opening doors for radical ideas to birth.


3. Ensure Seamless Strategic Planning Process

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By structuring discussions with a focused agenda, they guide the team through strategic frameworks that help assess and prioritise important matters.

Facilitators ensure that these important matters receive necessary attention and all voices are heard. With their skilled time management, they keep the discussion centered on the main objective.

Therefore, the expertise that external facilitators bring is effective in engaging your team in creating or refining plans and exploring new ideas.


3 Ways You Can Maximise Change Results

To fully harness your collaboration with external facilitators, here are some things to take note of so that you would be able to engage someone suitable for your team’s needs.


1. Clarify Desired Outcomes

Be clear about the outcomes you want to achieve. Be specific as much as possible.

As a litmus test, you should be able to answer this question: When the discussion ends, what needs to happen in order to consider the session a success?

If you think you are still unclear about the deliverables, pay attention to how well the facilitators assist you in clarifying your desired outcomes and objectives.


2. Future-focused And Action-Oriented Discussions 

It is important to allow time for participants to share their opinions and ideas. But it should not stop there.

To maximise results, the discussions should also talk about what could be better and different. It should also identify possible action steps to make things better. This allows participants to co-create possibilities and share ownership of existing challenges.


3. Ask The Facilitator How They Would Deal With The Specific Challenges Of Your Team

If you have done several strategic planning sessions in the past, then you probably already recognise some behaviours within your team that are frustrating.

Describe these behaviours clearly and ask the potential facilitator how they would deal with them in the session.



External facilitation, when suitably matched, can be the X-factor you need to move your team to success and be more effective in problem-solving!

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