The magic of winning small so that you can win big

winning small

I recently spoke in a regional business meeting in Thailand about how small steps in the right direction leads to larger changes. Many organisations or people tend to set big goals and look out for big steps that will make all the difference.

A lot of times most people will fail with big steps or too many goals. Just look at all the failed new year’s resolutions and unreached corporate goals. According to research by Franklin Covey, companies that set just 2-3 goals, often accomplish them. Those that set 4-10 goals, they usually achieve 1-2 goals with excellence. Lastly, those who set 11-20 goals, often achieve none at all.

In order to get people develop a winning attitude by achieving their goals, we must focus on creating small action steps that they can definitely win. Focus on winning small and you will start to develop self-belief. Belief doesn’t come from you faking it till you make it, but rather winning consistently over a period of time. Once you believe you can win small, you will tend to increase the stakes and take bigger steps.

This is the magic of conditioning you for success. Focus on the small steps in the right direction that will eventually lead to larger changes.

That is why I am really excited about my new upcoming book “Small Steps To Big Changes” where you can¬†create a culture of winning for yourself and organisation. It will be out in Q3 of 2017.