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Are you failing enough at work?

Are you failing enough at work? If you have not been failing enough, it probably means that you have not been improving much.

I was clearing out some of my old videos and I realized that I came a long way. My videos, in the beginning, were grainy. This was mainly because of inadequate lighting and a lack of a good camera.

Over time, we invested in proper lighting equipment, different microphones and eventually got the effect that we wanted.

Failed with the wrong tools or wrong techniques

We made mistakes. We bought quite a few equipment that were not suitable. Or we used them wrongly.

But we constantly made changes to increase our clients’ experience in our talks and demanded that our production level had to be better.

We had to be world-class and like other artists, we dedicated ourselves to perfecting our craft.

After a while, we found the sweet spot of engaging large audiences well with superior lighting, sound, and special effects.

It doesn’t need to be great when you start, but you need to start so that you will be great.

“If you are not failing enough, then you are probably not improving much.

– Kenneth Kwan

From failures to improvement

From our failures, we learnt and improved.

We are now running two training programs to help our clients and you too:

  1. Better Online Meetings – for Managers and Leaders who need to engage people online in their daily or weekly meetings.
  2. Create Engaging Virtual Presentations – for people who need to present virtually to larger group of audience such as during Town Halls or sharing their knowledge cross-functionally.

Would you or your managers need such up-skilling too?