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  • Here Are The Limitations Of Most Teambuilding Programs

    I have spoken to many clients about their teambuilding needs and realised that many companies want to have teambuilding programs without very clear objectives. Generic statements like the ones below are often uttered: “We want them to be more cohesive and have a spirit of camaraderie.” “Foster closer ties and have teamwork.” “We have gone […]

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  • Article Featured in Straits Times, Recruit (Pg C16- Dated Monday, 22 Mar 2010)

    Another one of my articles appeared in the Straits Times on 22 Mar 2010, Recruit Section. Trust is one of the biggest issues that faces any team and everyone says that you need it but how many of them actually teach you how to establish trust step by step? This article will teach you how […]

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  • 10 Ways to Inspire Team Members to Consistently Give Their Best

    Let’s start with a little analogy of teamwork. Have you observed how a flock of geese fly? They usually fly in V formation and those at the back will usually honk at the one in front. This is to encourage the lead geese who puts in most of the work to overcome wind resistance. Once […]

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  • Teamwork and Precision in Dance

    I watched this video and felt that the amount of effort in ensuring that everyone dances to the same rhythm and pattern is simply astonishing.This only happens when people keep rehearsing and striving for perfection in their art. If you like this video, please subscribe to our blog by getting the Free Report on “7 […]

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  • Do You Catch Your Staff Doing Good?

    In most organisations, we usually catch people making mistakes and reprimanding them for it. However, my question is “Do you catch your staff doing good?” I recall a conversation that I had with a primary school teacher three years ago that he lamented that most schools usually punish bad behaviour in front of the entire […]

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