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Two short stories on Leadership and Self-Leadership


I recently watched a war movie and wrote two Linkedin posts on what I was impressed with. They are short stories with important implications, reminding me of the lessons we discuss in leadership training. Story on Leadership – Lead by Example During World War II, in 1945, a company of men were entrenched in the […]

When teambuilding can actually do more harm than good

You might be surprised; team building can sometimes do more harm than good.   After running team building programs for ten years, here is our quick rundown on the three situations when you should not use teambuilding. 1.    Use it to solve deep-rooted issues. I personally believe that team building provides a platform for discussion […]

Radio Interview on BFM89.9: Powerful Strategies To Creating High Performance Teams

As you already know. I’m writing a new book on creating high performance teams. This process consists of writing and interviewing key leaders from successful companies. It’s also a process of distilling the wisdom of senior leaders in such organisations. I’m glad to be invited to Malaysia’s BFM Radio 89.9 to share on my expertise […]

Here Are The Limitations Of Most Teambuilding Programs

I have spoken to many clients about their teambuilding needs and realised that many companies want to have teambuilding programs without very clear objectives. Generic statements like the ones below are often uttered: “We want them to be more cohesive and have a spirit of camaraderie.” “Foster closer ties and have teamwork.” “We have gone […]

Observations On China After An Eight Day Training Trip

A crowded China train station

Recently I just came back from an 8-day trip in China. It was exciting being able to train them in teambuilding, self leadership and DISC personality Profiling. Here are some personal insights on the Chinese people that made me sit up and think about why we should not be slack and complacent in our work. […]

Do You Catch Your Staff Doing Good?

In most organisations, we usually catch people making mistakes and reprimanding them for it. However, my question is “Do you catch your staff doing good?” I recall a conversation that I had with a primary school teacher three years ago that he lamented that most schools usually punish bad behaviour in front of the entire […]

Do you tip in the workplace?

Tip at Work | Kyoto-japan-kiyomizu-dera-temple

I recently came back from a 10-day trip from Japan and really had a great time with my family. It was really difficult to just let go of work but I felt that being able to let go and take a break is just as important as working hard. For the first 7 days of […]

Why You Act The Way You Do?

In this article, we address why you act the way you do. And how you can effectively communicate and work with others.

7 Deadly Secrets To Creating a Dynamic And Cohesive Team (Part 2)

How to Slash Staff Turnover And Create Transformational change in your team performance This is Part 2 of the 7 Deadly Secrets To Creating a Dynamic And Cohesive Team. 2. Shared Values (Code of Honour) What are the Core Values that each person in the team share? Do they have a clear understanding of it and […]