Do you tip in the workplace?

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I recently came back from a 10-day trip from Japan and really had a great time with my family. It was really difficult to just let go of work but I felt that being able to let go and take a break is just as important as working hard.

For the first 7 days of the trip, it was basically a guided tour. At the end of it, we had to give tips to the bus driver and tour guide. However, as I reflected on the whole tipping process, I believe that there are 2 lessons we can draw and apply in our workplace. Here are the following powerful techniques on motivating your staff to work hard and get results!

Here are my thoughts:

1. Do we ‘tip’ our staff before they work?

At the end of each tour, tour guides are usually given tips. However, what do you think will happen if you were to give it to them right from the beginning of the tour? Do you think their attitude will change and you will get better service? I know that this is a rather unconventional, but I am sure that it will get results.

Even in our workplace, have you considered rewarding your staff this way? This means that we actually reward our staff even before they even start their work. We are actually telling them that this is what we need to do and if we achieve it, more reward will come. This powerful technique actually demonstrates your leadership in helping to bring the desired future into the present and excite your staff when they work towards getting results.

Bill Zander writes in his book together with Donald Trump “Think big and kick ass in business and in life” that he effectively rewarded his employees straight with big wads of cash (USD $10,000) even before they started the New Year. He tells them that “This is just a taste of the riches about to come your way.” Some of the staff called back home to tell their husbands and wives about their bonuses and their spouses told them to concentrate on the retreat while they took care of the kids back home. If you take care of your staff, your staff will take care of the company for you.

2. Do we ‘tip’ our staff well?

If a tour guide does his/her job fairly well, they are rewarded for their efforts. They already know what their rewards will be and are willing to work hard for it. Do our staff know what how they will be rewarded if they work hard? Many times, most managers do not know how to set specific rewards to motivate their staff towards organisational effectiveness. Simple rewards other than money can be given, here are some that I recommend: Staff recognition for adhering to deadlines, letting a staff go back early after a tedious project they completed, buying them movie tickets and saying that you want them to take a break and bring their kids out for a show. Even a simple acknowledgement in front of the rest of the staff is important in the motivation process. We should seek to reward and emphasize GOOD behaviour rather than keep disciplining bad behaviour.

So… how are you going to tip your staff from now onwards?

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