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Book Summary of “How The Mighty Fall” by Jim Collins (Part 1 of 2)

How the mighty fall Book Summary Part 1

Over the long holidays, I took the liberty of reading How The Mighty Fall by Jim Collins. It always intrigued me to find out how large companies, with rich history and successful businesses can actually slowly reach to a stage of decline. I mean these are companies who are well known and have brilliant staff […]

Charismatic Leaders May Not Be Good For Your Organisation

Researcher Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” outlines the CEO of great companies and found empirical evidence that Charismatic leaders may not be good for your organisation. This is because most of the focus tends to be on them, their brilliance or how they might save their company. This is detrimental to the […]

What Sets Successful People Apart From The Rest: Single Mindedness

There is one trait that totally sets successful people apart from the rest of the other people. This one trait made them rise above the rest and is very well respected by many people. What is it? The trait that I am talking about is Single-mindedness. All successful people know what they want in their […]