Why focusing on your strengths is going to make you more successful


I have been conducting a lot of strategic retreats and facilitation sessions with my clients. Most of them start off with a problem statement or talk about what is not working well at work. Most of the time, it tends to end up with different groups of people pointing fingers at each other, people getting defensive and […]

Do you have monkey problems?

Mike looks cute, but nobody likes him. Mike represents the problems our staff or colleagues face every day at work. Everyone has their monkey, and they share their monkey (problems) with you every day. How do you help them solve their problems?

How to be a Solution Focused Leader in a Problem Focused World

We are currently living in a world focused on problems everyday. When we turn on the news, almost 95% of content covers problems that are happening around the world. In my meetings with clients, i hear more problems than solutions brought up by leaders. By focusing on problems, it results in people getting low morale, […]