SCCCI 17th Infocomm Conference Leadership Workshop: Solution Focused Leadership in a Problematic World.

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s flagship event, the 17th Infocomm Conference is back, and I’m glad that I’m invited to speak in their conference after the successful workshop turnout last year.

For this year’s session, I will be speaking on the topic “Solution Focused leadership in a problem focused world” on the first day in the Leadership Workshop segment.


You see, we are currently living in a world focused on problems everyday. When we turn on the news, almost 95% of content covers problems that are happening around the world. In my meetings with clients, I hear more problems than solutions brought up by leaders.

Even when we met up our friends for coffee, we hear them complain about what they don’t want. You see, focusing on what you do not want does not bring you closer to getting what you do want.

Problem-talk is not fatal, but it leads us to unproductiveness, negativity, and low energy.

Hence, in my session of the Leadership Workshop, I will share with you:

  • How you can quickly help people move from problem talk to solution talk, so they can solve their own problems.
  • How to overcome negativity in the workplace by using what works and evidence based techniques, so the people feel empowered everyday.
  • How to create instant action steps so others can can immediately take and act on what they need to do.

I will deliver my topic on 20 Aug at 11.40am. Please come early because we are limiting this to about a hundred people.

If you are interested to learn how solution-focused talk can impact your company, register for your conference tickets now at conference registration page here. I can expect the tickets to be really limited due to the huge attendance in last year’s talk. Oh, did I mention that it is FREE?

Go sign up now, and see you at my talk!

Picture of Kenneth Kwan, CSP
Kenneth Kwan, CSP

Kenneth Kwan is an internationally recognized Author, Global Leadership and Motivational Speaker, renowned for his ability to inspire and empower audiences worldwide. With over a decade of experience, he has spoken to leaders from 40 countries, helping transform cultures and shift mindsets within Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and Government Organizations. Kenneth’s expertise in solution-focused thinking and strategic planning has guided numerous businesses toward significant results and high-performance environments. Featured in esteemed media outlets like Channel News Asia and Malaysia's BFM89.9, his insights on leadership and motivation are highly sought after. Kenneth's book, "Small Steps To Big Changes," showcases his profound wisdom and practical strategies, making a lasting impact in lectures and training programs across the region.