My Radio Interview with 938LIVE

In my previous blogpost, I mentioned that I was featured as an invited speaker over the Radio Channel 938LIVE on the topic of “Do Motivational Talks Really Work?”

Honestly, I have been engaged to speak/train in over 6 countries to thousands of people so far and there have been mixed responses. There are basically 2 camps of people, one group saying that it works big time and really changes their lives, while there is the other side where they say all the motivational fluff does not work at all.

Anyway, despite which side you are, let me share with you what I think and also the motivational theory behind it. It will really make a difference once you understand its concept.

Here are some photos that I have taken during my time in the Mediacorp, the leading media station in Singapore. The best part is that I have recorded what I have said over the air and is made available to my loyal subscribers like you. The link is below. Enjoy my conversation with Show Host, Eugene Loh.

Eugene Loh and me talking for a few minutes before the radio interview
Getting ready to speak just before the traffic news segment

The interesting thing about going on this segment is that Eugene prefers not to have the session scripted. I was rather surprised that there were no prepared questions before hand since he wanted it as natural as possible. So the radio segment what you hear will be pretty much me speaking from my heart and mind on how you can make the most out of motivational programs and also how you constantly stay motivated in your life, especially when the daily problems of work plague you.

Do Motivational Talks Really Work with Kenneth Kwan