Rising trends of what employees want from their employers in 2020


Here are some employee trends that leaders need to take note in 2020:

1. There is a rising sense that companies can be a powerful source of societal change, should represent the consumer’s interests and solve societal problems.

2. Most people feel that stakeholders, not shareholders are important to the long term success of the company. This is because shareholders are usually interested in short term gains and do not always take the long term view on issues, viability and business results.

Source: 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer.

3. The top issues that employees want their CEO to speak out on is (on a global scale by order of importance):

A. Training for jobs of the future
B. Automation’s impact on jobs
C. Ethical use of tech
D. Income inequality
E. Diversity
F. Climate change
G. Immigration

4. On a global level, 73% of employees want their prospective employer to lead change (rather than wait for the government to do it) and include employees in planning.

Source: 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer.

5. Government and Businesses are expected to put in effort into protecting and retraining the workforce. 


Leaders need to now involve their stakeholders in discussions and plans, rather than be the one who needs to know and have an answer for everything. 

Most people think that it is the Millennials that want companies to improve communities, but the data shows that most people (73% of the workforce) believe that this is important and that they can impact society. This means that leaders need to have conversations with team members on how their work impacts society at large and help them link meaning to it. 

Many people also see businesses as a change agent, which can right the “wrongs” in society. Leaders that engage their people in such discussions will win respect and increase profits. 

What else do you think is useful to engage your workforce?