If You Do Not Have This, You Will Most Likely Fail

Have you ever failed in your goals?

Have you ever done something that constantly does not succeed?

Have you given up on things that matter?

I may have a reason why this is happening and after reading this, you will want to act on it.

If you have failed before, my question to you is this “Are you committed to it?”

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There are many times we want to do something, however, when times are difficult, our habits or weaknesses overcome our desire to do it. Wanting to do something may not be compelling enough to overcome our natural desires to be lazy. I have heard many times that people WANT to lose weight, WANT to lower their cholesterol, WANT to be more disciplined. But nothing sustainable happens.

If you belong to the majority of the population, most likely you will fail. Why? This is because we are simply NOT committed to getting results. What do I mean by commitment? Let me share with you more by asking some more questions:

Have you ever been absorbed by a task and were committed to finish a project by a deadline that you did not have your meals?

Have you ever seen professional body builders train and watch their diets?

Have you ever seen a lady holding 2 jobs in the day and night simply because she is a widow and has 3 kids to feed?

In every one of the descriptions above, I have seen people really being committed to what they do. They are willing to give up short term gains, simply because they have committed themselves to achieve certain results. They know that there is a price to pay for everything. Hard work and discipline must follow through to get the results that they need. I’m not advocating that we should skip our meals, but I just want to highlight that there is a deep level of commitment to what we have set out minds to do.

Without commitment, you will fail. You will just WANT, but NEVER achieve. I’m sorry to be harsh, but this is the truth. I realised that most of my recent success in corporate training is because I was extremely committed while the first few years of my business was not eventful because I was not committed to myself, staff and my family.

If you are sick and tired of NOT getting the results you want, maybe its time to be committed? If so, what price will you pay for it?

Do leave your comments and your commitments down; I hope to hear from you.

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