How to Capture Senior Leaders’ Attention and Funding for Your Ideas

Capture your leaders attention

Are you facing challenges in gaining the attention and financial support of senior leaders for your ideas? You’re not the only one.

Many employees encounter difficulties in conveying their ideas effectively.

Nevertheless, there are specific areas that leaders consistently prioritize. 

By aligning your ideas with these focal points, you can certainly pique their interest:

Key Areas to Capture Leaders' Attention

leaders' attention
  1. Generating revenue is always a top concern. Demonstrate how your idea can directly contribute to increased revenue. This is guaranteed to capture the leaders’ attention.
  2. Efficient resource, time, and money utilization is another aspect that leaders always take into account. Showcase how your organization has saved money by streamlining processes, utilizing fewer resources, or reducing man-hours. Quantify the frequency and extrapolate it over a day and year to illustrate the extent of your savings.
  3. Cost avoidance follows a similar principle to saving money, but it involves calculating the potential savings through your intervention.
  4. Intangible benefits also hold significance. Share how your ideas have fostered a sense of well-being, improved customer experiences, or facilitated personal growth. You can illustrate this through a simple “before and after” narrative, delving into the implications of your intervention.
  5. Impact level considerations. Certain initiatives you propose may have a broader influence on the environment, sustainability, or even business key performance indicators (KPIs). These impacts can be articulated in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

These insights were recommended by Kelvin Lew, who leads the Quality, Innovation and Improvement Team at JurongHealth Campus.

Keep in mind, that senior leaders consistently prioritize these areas. By framing your ideas within these contexts, you’re bound to capture their attention and secure the necessary funding.

This article first appeared in Kenneth Kwan’s Linkedin Post

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