7 Deadly Secrets To Creating a Dynamic And Cohesive Team (Part 2)

How to Slash Staff Turnover And Create Transformational change in your team performance

This is Part 2 of the 7 Deadly Secrets To Creating a Dynamic And Cohesive Team.

2. Shared Values (Code of Honour)

What are the Core Values that each person in the team share? Do they have a clear understanding of it and are able to recite them by heart? This is important because it governs how they will conduct themselves in front of the team. Without a strong Code of Honour, teams will start to break under pressure.

Here is a list of a Sample Code of Honour that are extremely useful. Explanations are in brackets.

a. Energy is important! (When people are energetic, they create a positive charge to the environment).
b. Speak Supportively and with Good Purpose.
c. Take Personal Responsibility for all outcomes. Do Not Lay Blame, Justify or Complain!
d. Celebrate every WIN.
e. When there are problems, look to the system first before looking at the person. (see point 4 below)
f. Allow others to love and support me while I love and support others.
g. Speak the truth with Compassion (This is important when you need to correct a colleague. Even though you think you are right, it is important to win their hearts first and then correct the mistake. Many fall into the trap of “self-righteousness’ and just correct a person without thinking about the other person’s feelings.)

“You may have a fantastic benefits scheme but without a strong work culture and a Code of Honour, you will not be able to grow your team through the tough times.”

– Kenneth Kwan

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