7 Deadly Secrets To Creating a Dynamic And Cohesive Team (Part 1)

How to slash staff turnover and create transformational change in your team performance

Do you struggle with office politics and a dispirited work environment? Are your colleagues constantly talking about problems in the work place or new challenges they are excited to overcome? Do they become guarded when they share or do they display open trust and support whenever they talk?

What’s the difference between a Great Team and a Mediocre one? In all the organisations that I have been to, they set specific objectives for the whole year. They expect their staff to achieve higher profits, better efficiency or reduce operational costs.

While this is important, my question is “How many of them actually take time to develop and coach their Team towards better dynamics and cohesiveness?

It is the people that make the team and not just because you want better results, you will definitely get it. This is important because when the team is under pressure to perform, it will be the strong relationships between colleagues that will prevail and NOT your expectations of their performance.

There are 7 Deadly secrets that I want to share with you right now to propel your team to greater heights. Follow them and people will follow you.

1. Purpose and mission driven

What drives your people to work everyday? Are they there to work for a living or are they going to a work that is purposeful. In my experience, most people start of trying to find a sense of purpose and fulfilment in their work. However, over time, they lose this sense of WHY THEY HAVE TO DO THINGS and everything starts to become just work.


It is important as a leader to always remind each person on your team WHY they are doing things, WHY they are involved in a project that is not part of their work scope, WHY they have to put in more effort and etc. This is because without the WHY, there is no ownership in their work. It is important to constantly remind and realign staff, especially when the going gets tough and the staff are under tremendous pressure to achieve results.


Every year, Fortune magazine lists out the Top 100 Companies to work for. A particular company (within the top 10) lists how they were able to share their Corporate Vision with the rest of their employees. From the Head of Departments right down to the administrative staff, all know that they have a vital role to play in creating a better quality of life for their patients who suffer from life-threatening diseases. Even in the annual staff meetings, this company invites a few of their patients to give testimony to how their drugs were able to give them a new lease of life and extend their fragile life by many more years.