Why goal setting is not enough

In most companies, they have pretty clear goals and know what does success look like. They plan really well, highlighting what is needed to achieve their plans. However, when it comes to actually asking how many goals they have actually achieved, you can usually hear very uncomfortable responses from leaders.

It is not that they do not want to hit their goals, but rather, it is not easy to consistently work on the goals in the midst of the thousands of things screaming for your attention.

Therefore, I have concluded that goal setting is not enough; it has to be supported by constant accountability sessions.

In our High Impact Teams Leadership Program, we teach participants to set accountability sessions once a week with their teams. They choose a day in a week to check in on what they were supposed to do and account for it. Each team is limited to a maximum of 8 people and every single person in the team has to give an update. In addition, they discuss whether there are any obstacles that need to be removed for them to do their work better.

The tasks that are being discussed are updated into a scoreboard, which tracks their progress.

We have found out that constant monitoring of their deliverables have actually helped people to succeed in their goals. We all need people to constantly check-in with us and make us accountable for our actions.

The great management guru, Peter Drucker states it clearly: What gets measured, gets done.

The best part of having such a frequent accountability session is that you start seeing progress. Team members start seeing that when they keep to a specific accountability update, they start witnessing results. This is very important in increasing motivation and work satisfaction, when you start seeing progress; you actually become happier and satisfied at work.

So, remember that if you are serious in achieving your goals, whether business or personal goals, you have to set up accountability sessions. This is the secret to attaining your goals consistently.

The Leadership Masterclass

Elevate Leadership, Enhance Performance, and Strengthen Relationships

As you would have already know, we have been engaged to run teambuilding and training programs for many different companies and government organizations.

For the past two years, our team has developed two highly sought after training programs – Leading High Performance Teams and Solution Focused Coaching. Both programs has already helped hundreds of leaders from different organizations build high performance teams and improves productivity and performance.


We have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients for both of our programs. However, we have also received enquiries about this program for those who have not experienced it.

Since many companies have been asking us to conduct a public run, we have decided to launch The Leadership Masterclass, a session which will bring together two of Deep Impact’s signature training programs – Leading High Performance Teams and Solution Focused Coaching.