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  • Accelerate Your Success by Speaking!

    I will be holding a few talks on Public speaking and how you can connect with people from the stage. Do you know that public speaking is the number one fear and is ranked higher than dying itself. But what if you could overcome that fear? What if you were to speak infront of audiences, […]

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  • How To Handle Tough Questions And Disagreements In Your Presentations

    Do you know that the number one fear in people is the fear of public speaking. It is ranked even higher than death itself. Speaking in front of people is already difficult, but how do you handle it when your audience throws at you challenging questions or even disagrees with what you say? What do […]

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  • How To Engage Your Audience On The Platform

      I have been giving a lot of talks to corporate clients and know that even the most seasoned speakers sometimes have problems in engaging audiences. Most speakers I have seen are very content focused and do not focus so much on delivery. Sometimes, they do not make it a point to stir interest within their audiences. […]

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  • The Art of Public Speaking- Speak with Power and Authority

    I have seen many people over time speak from the stage and yet lack the essence and stage presence in order to make a powerful speech that will impact people. As a trainer and speaker who has spoken to thousands of individuals, allow me to share certain concepts that will make you a very Desirable […]

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