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  • Radio Interview on BFM89.9: Powerful Strategies To Creating High Performance Teams

    As you already know. I’m writing a new book on creating high performance teams. This process consists of writing and interviewing key leaders from successful companies. It’s also a process of distilling the wisdom of senior leaders in such organisations. I’m glad to be invited to Malaysia’s BFM Radio 89.9 to share on my expertise […]

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  • How To Increase Your Optimism

      Having a sense of optimism is extremely important in helping a person face tough times and situations. It helps to paint hope when situations look bleak and helps strengthen a person when they are down. Whether you are a pessimist or an optimist, everyone does encounter difficult situations in their lives but the difference […]

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  • How An Old 1930s Factory Taught Researchers How To Increase Employee Productivity

    In 1924-1932, a series of experiments were conducted to examine how fatigue, monotony and supervision on an assembly line affected productivity. However at the end of the experiment, researchers were amazed to find out many other correlations that affected employee productivity and morale. Many of their insights and observations are still used by today’s management. […]

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