What Do You Need To Stop And Start For The New Year

Many people focus on what’s needed to be done and keep adding to their plate. However, they fail to consider that the process of stopping what is not working is just as important as starting on what works.

Radio Interview on BFM89.9: Powerful Strategies To Creating High Performance Teams

As you already know. I’m writing a new book on creating high performance teams. This process consists of writing and interviewing key leaders from successful companies. It’s also a process of distilling the wisdom of senior leaders in such organisations. I’m glad to be invited to Malaysia’s BFM Radio 89.9 to share on my expertise […]

Eat, Play, Learn in Mumbai

I was away for a speaking engagement in the World Human Resources Development (HRD) Congress in Mumbai, India and learnt quite a few things about the people and its culture. I hope to be able to share with you a different perspective of life, work and my experience winning an award. 1. Skills and mindset […]