Do Motivational Talks Really Work?


“Do motivational talks really work?” I get this question a lot. This is my 4th article to be featured in the Straits Times and is personally one of my favourite. Read the truth behind such talks and what value it can bring. Motivational Talk does not do miracles Some people hold the unrealistic belief that […]

Tony Blair on Succeeding in Life

Just yesterday, I listened to Tony Blair share his personal thoughts about succeeding in life. He shares with a lot of humility and immediately connected to the hearts of the participants. Here are ten things he wanted us to know: 1. Have the humility to learn As Prime minister, he did not carry a mobile […]

7 Deadly Secrets To Creating a Dynamic And Cohesive Team (Part 2)

How to Slash Staff Turnover And Create Transformational change in your team performance This is Part 2 of the 7 Deadly Secrets To Creating a Dynamic And Cohesive Team. 2. Shared Values (Code of Honour) What are the Core Values that each person in the team share? Do they have a clear understanding of it and […]