Seize the Day, Start Tomorrow


Last night I was walking pass a shop and I saw the words, “Seize the Day!” or “Carpe Diem” (in Latin). I joked with my wife that many people have heard of this phrase, but most end up saying “I will start tomorrow!”

My question is that if it is really worth doing right now, why wait?

Most people want to succeed.

Most people to change something in their lives.

Most people want to do something they like to do.

But really, a few will actually get to do it. Why?

I like to suggest that most of them think of starting tomorrow and that’s where the issue is.

What’s wrong with starting tomorrow?

Before I start, let me first explain that it is perfectly to start the next day, however what I am actually cautioning against is the idea of “I will do it when the time is right”.

Honestly, there are many times I don’t know whether the time is right or not. It just comes with an intense desire to see change and the willpower to see things through. To start seeing results, it starts by making a firm commitment to what you have said and the willpower to see it through. The right time to see change is usually NOW.

I remember fondly telling my audiences in my talks that one good way to achieve your dreams is to first WAKE UP! It is only when we wake up, we can get to take action in what we dream about.

Here are some things you can do to seize the day:

  1. Do something that you have always procrastinated.
  2. Work on that thing/project that you have always been talking about.
  3. Spend time with people that you have always wanted to do.
  4. Do something Crazy that you have never done before.

So… remember to Seize The Day and oh, by the way…. start Today!