One of the MOST important lessons of all time

Focus on the goal

Here’s an important lesson that helped moved my business even in the dark times that we are experiencing. If you get this, it will totally change your perspective on things.

What are you focusing on?

In the current economic situation we are facing, listen to what people are saying. What are their minds thinking about most of the time? Is there brightness of the future or is it dominated by doom and gloom?

I recently had a tea session with a business friend of mine and he lamented that things were going to get worse from Oct 2008. He painted an extremely bleak picture and was rather despondent on what is to come, eg. further lay-offs, his company diving into the red and looking at ways how to cut his business cost. His mind was the impending doom and he basically focused on how bad the situation was.

He asked me, “How about you? How are you doing now?”

I told him that I was fine; in a position that was much better than I was last year.

I totally agree with him that times are bad and some of my clients have already cut back their training budgets. This affected me. However, I told him that this economic crisis was interpreted differently from me.

What I focused on

I choose NOT to stumble to all the negativity and decided that I had personal responsibility in deciding how I should react to the bad news.

I chose to spend even more money in advertising this year and started to work with strategic partners in pushing out programs. We also started explaining to companies how we could help their employees be resourceful in their work. This lead to over 9 clients meeting up with me over a span of 1 month, indicating interest in spending on my programs.

I choose to focus on abundance even during this period, because companies need help in getting their employees to stay motivated and start generating profits, even if they are not sales people.

I choose to see the dark times as an opportunity to evaluate what are the inefficient things that have plagued my company that I want to eliminate them.

What we focus on in times like this is really important. This is not just positive thinking but actually focusing on what we have influence over and doing something about it. I cannot change the economy, but I can change the way I make my company grow. For employees, are you afraid of the lay-offs that are happening? Can I urge you to add more value to your organisation, till the extend that there is really no fear of being fired simply because you are too valuable.

So… what are you focusing on right now? Possibilities or Limitations?

Kenneth’s notes:  I actually hung the flip chart on my side of my office to remind myself to focus correctly. This keeps me focused in what I should be doing. Why don’t you try it?